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Im a SAHM to 2 beautiful girls! they are my LIFE! love being artsy and just recently got into photography =) This is a place to share my creative talent.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

mini Sessions

You know whats been so cool!!! Seeing people use the photos i took for their Christmas cards!! I have to say this is the first year that i have been excited to receive them.
funny thing is, i didnt send Christmas cards out of my girls. You would think i would with all the pictures i take of them. Well Next year im definitely sending cards =)

here are a few photos from the past week or so

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To SOAR or not to SOAR.....

There is this SOAR scholarship that MeRa has put together. It is an amazing opportunity but i cant help myself to think im not good enough.

You were to make a 2 min video. it was suggested that you record yourself in the video but not required. I did not do this. Not sure why, maybe shyness? also the application had a few questions and i couldnt think of a thing to write. Part of me wanted to go back and redo my video and application, but the other part didnt and so i didnt. THEN it was.. do i submit it?!! after all this work.. do i send it in.

as im watching all the videos being submitted, my confidence gets smaller and smaller. Again, how can i compare to these talented women. Most of them have been doing this for a while! how could I even apply when i just got into this 5 months ago? The photos these women shared are awesome!! I wish i could capture what they did. A lot of them are very artistic and thats what im drawn to and want to capture. I just dont feel that my photos compare to these talented women.
Well, even though i have all these doubts and questions i submitted it any way. (still waiting for it to show up on her website) Part of me feels like a fool and not sure why.... so here we go....

The video i sent in................

So now we wait to see who the 3 lucky women are to receive such a great gift!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Hahn Family

This was my first private session after the MeRa's workshop. This family actually wanted to wait till after the workshop to set up an appointment with me. How cute!!! and they made a good choice too =P

This family was such a joy to work with and the kids were absolutely adorable. Oh and the best.. I got to photograph TWINS!! This was sooo much fun and felt so creative.

Im so proud of myself!!

instead of posting a bunch of photos on this blog i wanted to try a slide show (

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Playing around with movie maker

I made a slide show for my mom for her birthday. I think it came out soo cute i wanted to share it..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Following in Mommy's Footsteps

I sometimes let my daughter, who is almost 4, use my point and shoot camera. This one day i was messing around with my camera and Gia wanted to take pictures like i do. So i brought out the small camera and let her have fun with it. I couldn't believe what i found when i downloaded the photos. Looks like we may have a lil photographer........
Gia LOVES to have sleep overs with her Aunt shelley. They had a sleep over when i went away for the workshop and gia had asked if she could bring the camera with her. I said it was ok and thought it was soo cute of her to ask. I heard she had her own bag for it.. tooo cute!! When i down loaded THOSE photos.. OMG i was hysterical.. AND shocked how well she photographed.

This one i thought someone else took the picture but found out that Gia indeed took this photos.. Awesome!!!!