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Im a SAHM to 2 beautiful girls! they are my LIFE! love being artsy and just recently got into photography =) This is a place to share my creative talent.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Valintine surprise THANKS MOM

About a week ago i received a package from my mom. When i opened it i couldnt believe my eyes. One of my Favorite treats! i have no idea what it is called but it is sooo tasty. My mom usually makes it for xmas but this year she made it for Valentines day.  So it may not look yummy but i tell ya IT IS!!!   The only stinky part is that i had to share with my brother and sister =(    I did tell them if they didnt come and pick them up that i would be starting to dip into their share.. LOL  that moved their butts....

Other favorite thing i love to receive from my mom is her cards. Can you believe she made these cards herself!! I really think she should sell these!!!  

Saturday, February 27, 2010

texture & rock star

(please forgive, once again the photos are not cooperating!)

So i go through these "funks" where im not motivated or have energy.  they can last a few days to a few weeks. During my "funk" episodes i try to find things to keep the girls busy (and leave me Thank goodness i can still be creative!   Well if you find yourself in one of these moods.. here are a few ideas..LOL some are messy but i tell ya.. so worth it!! =P 

One time i let them play with toilet paper.. just gave them a roll and let them have a blast with it..

 Another day, i had gia go around finding all the pillows we had.. piled them up and the girls jumped in it.. kept them busy for a LONG time!!


 This one, not sure what i was thinking... took some pastina and let them play. Im still finding little bit here and there. 

recently  i let them play with play-doh... IN the play room =O  which  is carpeted!  Yes im finding pieces every where and most of it is stuck!! haha... but thats what i get for not being motivated.. lol  
Gia's shopping cart was sideways so she put the play-doh on the wheel and said she was making clay. thought that was clever. 

Then, to continue to keep them busy i had them go around finding things with texture. they put the play-doh on it and then show me what print it left.

  Nadia was trying to get the print from her shirt.. LOL

As the day went on gia decided to put on a show for me. My little rock star!!  
oh and Nadia was the groupie =P

 Do you ever get in these moods!? and what do you do to keep your kids busy?  please share your thoughts =D

Friday, February 26, 2010

Photo session with my Girls

A photog friend had a photo session and i loved their background. wondered what she used. Before finding out i tried out this..   a fabric that my mom had left behind when she came to visit.  So what was it that my photog friend used???  turned out it was a duvet cover.. LOL  So now im going around the house trying to find either bed sheets or fabric that have some type of design in it. It really Pops the picture.  

oh and used the cradle for a nice prop. This was a toy when i was young and i find so cool that its now Gia's and nadia's =)







this one is my favorite.. love the look on their faces.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow, Snow & more snow

Ive been missin in action.. yes that "funk" returned but im back in full swing. Have a lot of catching up to do. We had quite a few snow storms here in NJ!  This time the girls weren't sick so we got to play!  boy did we have fun =)  My favorite photos from playing in the snow.  
(sorry if they are out of order or not centered. the pictures are not cooperating with me and wont move where i want them. Not gonna stress.. fine the way it is =) lol)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Soooo, We did get the cards done!  I just had Gia put stickers on it the next morning. To my surprise she wrote her name on ALL 11 of them. How excited was I =D 

So,  it was time for us to head to her school. They were having a Valintines party and Gia was very excited!  It had snowed a lot a few days before so i knew i was going to have to dig i little bit, thinking that  the hubbs dug my car out a bit, knowing that i gave myself some time before leaving.  but i thought wrong on the hubbs part!! i couldnt even get the doors open.When i told Gia , she was so upset that i felt bad and tried to get the car out of the driveway.  Only to get my car STUCK!  yup the weals on my car went round and round... round and round.. in the driveway.  So ALL that and we didnt get to go to the party =(  We did bring them in the next week though.

Coming up.. Snow pictures.. =D

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not the normal blog

Ever have one of those days where you just arent youreslf and you just want to complain. Or wallow in the yucky feeling.  How it is for me today.............. 

Valentines day is coming up fast and i have not been motivated to do a thing =(   My daughter's school is celibrating tomorroww and ALL day i keep saying that im gonna get stuff together for Gia to make cards.  Yet it is 7pm and i still have not done a thing.  Maybe ill start it tongiht and just let Gia put on stickers in the morning.  Sooo not motivated!

What happend!?!?!  i used to be so into this stuff! Always had something to do with Gia, some type of craft and we would have such a great time. I even hosted craft playdates =P

I took MANY photos of the things we made together. It did put a smile on my face looking through them but then the question remainds What happend!?!?!?  Why have a lost that nitch, the drive to create with Gia... 
Look how cute she is, how into it she is and i obviously loved it since i took sooo many pictures. (Too many to share but here are a bunch) This was before Nadia was born, gia had to have been 2yrs+. 

 i guess im looking for the OK! i dont have to do everything! AND i have 2 girls now, not 1! Although i have followed blogs where they do soo many crafts and have like 10 kids =O  how do they do it!!?!!??!

The camera has become such a part of me, more now that im learning new things.I cant wait to try them out.   maybe ive taken my creativity away from crafts and just poured  it into photography?

Am i being to hard on myself?  (ive heard i have been)

I wish i could be wonder women and have the Power to do everything..... doing thngs with my girls, craft, art, ABC, 123's ect. cleaning the house, cooking dinner, going/hosting to playdates, MNO/I, reading blogs,  ALL while learning photography and possibly growing a business?!?!   Just doesn't feel possible right now!

Sorry for the yuckyness.. just one of those days =P


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 40 & 41 of 365 / Challenge

Day 40
at a playdate we went to. Is he cute or what!! but oh so mischievous.

Daily Challenge: UP CLOSE

Day 41
my daughters ballet outfit from last year recital.
Edited this in Light Room. program is growing on me!

Daily Challenge: FORK