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Im a SAHM to 2 beautiful girls! they are my LIFE! love being artsy and just recently got into photography =) This is a place to share my creative talent.

Monday, September 28, 2009

What do you think?

I took this picture in my sister's garden......

Photo session with my Seeester!!

My sister has done soo much for me through out my life. There is no way for me to repay her. What is the best way to show how much I appreciate all that she has done.. to share my talent =) So we had a photo session with my sister and my girls!
Ive only gotten through a few. i have been so busy with other things i haven't had time to go through all the photos. As soon as i catch up form my last mini photo session i WILL edit my sisters photos!!

A few that i liked and haven't edited yet

This one below i loved!! Until my sister said "I'm gonna crush you" Now when i look at this photo all i see is a Monster baby crushing the little people. LOL

We got some good ones of the 3 of them. I wanted Gia to be alittle bit closer so i tried out the cloning option.
This photo is the original
this one i tried to get Gia closer
Just doesn't ook right.. LOL i tried!!

This is a great photo. As i looked at it i thought that maybe if i just cropped their legs it would look cool. But It made the Picture way too long! Again i used the cloning option.....

brought Nadia and Gia closer.. Now this one came out nice!!! I love it when things work out =D

I really cant wait to go through the rest of the photos we took!
Shelly, i will get to them.. You will NOT be forgotten!!!!!
(its the middle child syndrome)

First private session

I had my first private photo session. I am very disappointed how the photos came out. Some came out great but others for some reason came out grainy =( haven't figured out what happened but this was inside so maybe this is something to work on! unless i was soo nervous i made the camera shake..LOL
This was very discouraging. when i left their house i felt like i did such an awesome job and they were going to be so happy with their photos. As i went through each photo the more my stomach was in knots! How could my first session turn out so bad!!
I had the Mom come over and take a look but she seemed to like them but did agree that some were a bit grainy. What was great is that she was very understanding and i have to remember I'm still learning!!!
the one below i LOVE. This one i cropped so that's why this one is grainy but i like the affect it gave. Lets see what the mom thinks.

Since the mom wanted to print out some 8x10 and was a little worried on how they would print I decided i would pick 2 photos that weren't so clear and see how they would come out. To my surprise they did come out pretty good. At least i like them.LOL

I absolutely love his Doh! face. Sooo cute!

I do have another private session. I am sooo scared that the same thing is going to happen! But again I'm learning and Every one knows I'm extremely new to this. I'm sure i will do fine!

Finally done

So i finished editing these photos and i think they came out great! They have been done for a while but just haven't had the time to post. Also I'm having issues moving the photos where i want them on this post. It has been very frustrating and today i actually have the patients for it.
Any way... here are a few photos from that session =)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mini Photo Sessions

I was able to get through most of the photos i took from the 2nd mini photo sessions. Here are a few that i edited.
This guy was tough! He would look at me, wave his finger and say "no!" Most of my photos are the back of him. LOL Im hoping i made it a little more interesting!

but with out him knowing i was able to sneak a few from the front.

I had to share this next photo. I just loved that he was blurry. so i put the picture in black & white and then put him in color.

Look at her face!!! how happy is she to get lots of kisses from her Mommy & Daddy!! too cute

When i first walked into the park i noticed the lil bridge and did think it would be a great place for photos. Yet when the moms began to show up i completely forgot about it. Guess my nerves kicked in. Well this little girls mom noticed the bridge and asked to take some photos there. Im rethinking the tilt but i think it does give a nice affect. i think......

Editing these photos was a challenge. This little boy had a nice gash on his head. I did mention to the mom i might be able to edit it out. Can you tell???

Moment with Mommy!

I wanted to share this picture. the little girl was half on the blanket and half on the grass. I decided to copy part of the blanket and put it where the grass was. That way your eyes wouldnt go to the grass.. instead your eyes go to the kids. This is another "Can you tell?"

This is the last group of the day. Im still editing their photos but i didnt want to leave them out. I love this photo. Even though the baby is upset i find it so cute that her sisters are looking over at her.

I learned with this group.. do not use WHITE blanket..LOL The sun really came out for this session .. when i reviewed the photos on my camera it looked fine but then again it was so bright out i couldnt really see the screen.... I think i can make it look great though =) this is my next challenge and cant wait to tackle it.

Now that im catching up with editing.. and should be done in the next couple of days (had a private session the other day) .. im gonna be busy again next week with another mini photo session. and YES 7 moms coming!!!!. But then thats it!! when i schedule more i will limit to 3. Im learning!!!! LOL

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crazy week

This has been the craziest week ever!! Think i put a little too much on myself..LOL eh, live and learn.
I had my first photo playdate with the moms group. i think im going to call it "mini photo sessions" from now on. I think it went well and so far got some good feedback. I had 2 moms come. I was soo nervous and thought i didnt get any shots. Turns out i did ok..LOL edit the photos to give it the extra umph... here is a bunch of them!

this session was to be with the 2 kids but this just looked too cute to pass up.

.. This little boy was so cute. He started out a bit shy.....

But then got used to me =)

I have been doing some reading on photography, the do's and donts, how to's.. yada yada yada. Well I read some where that you never want to take pictures of some ones back.. its too boring. does this look boring to you!??!?!? LOL

I love this one.. there was a blue garbage can in the back ground.. i have to say that i am very proud of myself to edit it out!!! Add a little blur in there and you cant even tell..LOL

This was the 2nd session.. Mommy & baby

this mom wanted pics of their hands. as i was taking the pictures i was thinking.. oh boy, how am i going to make this work. I guess i did make it work. dont know why i doubt myself so much.

So Mommy knew exactly what she wanted and asked for photos of the waist down.

When i got to editing this photo .. i decided to do baby's waist down! THIS is my favorite photo

Lets do one more.. a before and after editing =)



The 2nd Mini photo session went very well. Had 7 moms come! boy was i tired after that one but i has sooo much fun!! Still have to get to editing those.. but when i do ill be sure to share =) even though this is Alot.. i really am enjoying myself and excited to be able to make another mom happy through photos!!!

till next time!