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Im a SAHM to 2 beautiful girls! they are my LIFE! love being artsy and just recently got into photography =) This is a place to share my creative talent.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photo Playdate

So..My first photo playdate is coming up! Nervous you ask? OMG YES!!! I know it will be fine but still i have alot of "what if's" going on in my head. Just have to remember.. its like taking pictures at a playdate... just working one on one.

I was at a playdate the other day and took this picture

I loved the look on this lil boys face and the Binky in his mouth. But thought the photo would look so much better with out Gia in the background. So i tried to take Gia out of the photo. With an old program i have on my puter & i gave it a shot.....

Not bad..LOL how cute is this pic =)

The kids had so much fun and its great to see them get into something they really shouldn't. But how can you stop them!!!

back to this lil boy.. he had the best expressions.

So I hosted a playdate at my place the other day. So many babies came! Usually kids around Gia's age come. but this time this playdate was more for Nadia =)

i never realized how much i love to take pics of kids! Their expressions are so unique. When they smile its not a fake one. You see the innocence in them and i guess thats what i like to capture.

Have to get back to editing. So happy i have found something i love to do!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beginner Photographer!!

For those of you who dont know me I am a beginner photographer. before i purchased my SLR i used a reg digital camera. I received many compliments on my photos. some actually thought i
used a SLR. lol and at that time it was suggested to host a photo playdate. here are a few pics i took using my canon power shot A560. (reg. digital camera)

Since i couldnt afford the photos from Gia's dance class I decided to do my own! I took one of our blankets and laid it on the floor. took a bed sheet and draped it over 2 chairs. I set it up by the sliding glass door so i could get natural light.

Then i started taking pics of Nadia. This i used for her 1yr pic.

For years ive been wanting to purchase a SLR but havent had the money to do so. Welp for my birthday this year I received a Canon Rebel xs from my Family. How excited am i!!!! AND I am IN LOVE!! Ive been learning the ropes of the camera, doing alot of research online, and practicing picture taking with my girls. Im sure they are getting sick of it! I will be taking photography classes in the spring (Fall classes got filled.. ugg) Ive also taken pictures at playdates i have gone to. Here are a bunch that i liked.

So Kelly , and many others who have seen my photos, thought it would be good to post a photo playdate. Then moms can have memorable photos of their kids at a very low price & i get to practice photographing. im hoping that this will turn into something. want to thank you for letting me share my creativity with you. If you would like to set up a private session just email me at

Here i would like to share some photos i have taken with the new camera and some i have edited to give it that extra umph!!. =D