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Im a SAHM to 2 beautiful girls! they are my LIFE! love being artsy and just recently got into photography =) This is a place to share my creative talent.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The H Family

Beginning of november i got to photograph this wonderful family, The H family!  Ms. A is quite the active little one!  

I have photographed this family before and here is a from May of just how active Ms. A is.

As you can see not much has changed!!  What an energetic little girl. Wish she could pass some of that energy to me!!!  lol

Ms. A has a little brother Mr. N and he is definitely following in her foot steps so the best way to handle this situation is to stick them in a tree.....

Im only kidding! The kids wanted to get in the tree so I went with it.. 

 Here are a few of my favorites

The N Family

This family was such a joy to be with. Although it took us a few months to schedule a session, either the weather wasnt working for us or things would just happen and would have to reschedule, but im glad we waited.  It was the beginning of October and we had such beautiful weather at the beach. 

I arrived for the session very early so i took a walk around and took some pictures. This is also the first time im shooting in RAW and i have to say, im quite pleased with the results!

And here is the N Family!

Again, it was such a joy to photograph this family and those Boys are just the cutest. Thank you for letting me capture your family. 


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Are you afraid of RAW?

Can you believe im blogging again!! Wow, must be a full moon or something!  and you would think I would share my past photo sessions!  dont worry, im working on it =D  

so to answer the question..YES I was afraid of RAW. Im not talking raw food.. im talking taking pictures!!! (Not sure what RAW is? click here to find out. )  I didnt know much about it and for a while i was putting my camera on raw/jpg!.  honestly I have no idea what was the purpose of that. it always came up as jpeg.

So, I happen to be a fan/like of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom on Facebook and every day they have some type of tip. One day i see this "Do you know what the advantages of shooting in raw or JPEG are when adjusting white balance?"  I sure wanted to know so  i quickly click on it and watche their video! After seeing this video i had to start shooting in RAW.   i have yet to try with a client but plenty of practice with my girls! 

Below is a picture of my daughter.. we are in the beginnings of potty training and this picture is her getting ready to flush! (yes we had some success!!) Notice the color of the picture. I really did forget to change my WB  and when i noticed that i forgot, i was so excited cause that meant i could try out the tips!! LOL

here is the photo fixed =D I love it..

but wait.. Ill give an example of one in JPEG that again i forgot to change my WB. i think I had my WB on fluorescent and forgot to change back when i took this pic.  Sorry i dont have the before pic but you can see it doesn't look right. (at least i hope you can see it) Even after editing it as best i could, its still has a blueish tinge to it.  BUT if i had it on RAW i prob would have been able to make it look perfect!

Ive been noticing a lot of differences with editing RAW images. not only the WB but other things too. (ill have to show you that another time tho!) 

So from now on.. im a RAW kinda girl =D  I cant wait to give it a try during one of my sessions and after!


Thursday, September 30, 2010


That was my reply to Me Ra when i recieved an email from her saying that Im going to be on her blog!  Thats right.. She is featuring 10 different women and their bio photos on her blog TODAY!! And we are one of them!!! (*we* as in Gia and i since she did take my picture.. lol )
can you believe it!!!
I cant wait to tell Gia =D
so keep checkin her blog for todays post!

To see my blog about our head shot session click here


Just for fun! Head shots

Hey there!!!  im still here!!!  just been busy with mommy stuff.  Im hoping to catch up on blogging soon but i wanted to share something special. 

Today (well yesterday since this prob wont post till after 12am) on MeRa's blog was about taking your own head shots. (you have to read her blog to know what im talking about)  I wanted to give it a try BUT there are no other adults around to take my photo.. just my 2 girls.    I know im crazy for even thinking this. But thought of  letting my 4yr old use my camera!!  Yes crazy!!   but you should have seen her face when i gave permission to do so. she even said "but mommy you told me to NEVER touch your camera!"  im sure she thought i was crazy too and had to make sure.. LOL 

We had a lot of fun doing this! we even got dressed up and put on makeup (which i NEVER wear!) And yes she got to wear makeup too!  We took turns taking pictures of each other =D

I wanted to share what she got cause i think she did an amazing job!!! She blew me away!
I had Gia stand on a chair so she would be above me, (as MeRa suggests) because you dont want to look like this:

 See the double chin going... YUK!!! (click here to see how to look thinner in photos)  ok so gia is on the chair and im sitting on the floor so that she would be above me more!  So below is Gia first try! watch how the double chin disappears!

Can you believe it!!! look at that shot!! So excited for Gia!  but I forgot about the background and i wanted a lil more of my neck showing.  So we try again but this time i covered the toy with a blanket. 

2nd try

woops! a bit to the side..but I Cant believe she is at least getting my face in the frame!!  Can you imagine how hard this must be for her.. actually having to use the view finder!! closing one eye.   what i love about this one is that she wanted to do it vertical not horizontal.  Every time she took a photo i think my voice got higher and higher out of excitement..was so proud of her LOL you could see the happiness in her every time i praised her work!!

3rd try

As you can see she is trying to get my neck

4th try

Ok ok.. we are back in the corner.. its ok.. we try again and i explain to try to center my face.

5th try!

How amazing is she!!  This is such a great photo =) 

I was so proud of Gia i had to submit the 5th photo to MeRa..  i even went as far as answering the questions.. LOL =)
 here is what i wrote: 
1. What do you love most about your headshot?
I love that my 4yr old took my picture!! and what a fabulous job she did =)  Oh and my hair came out good too!!
honestly i love how you dont see my double chin and i love the blurry background. even though its flowers on the blanket.. you really cant tell.. gives it a nice design.

2. Any tips you can offer that you learned?
just patients!! i did get frustrated with my daughter at one i can only imagine what its like working with a husband or someone else!  LOL

the other 2 questions is where you live and your blog but you guys already know that =P 

I had so much fun with gia and was awesome to see her light up when she held my camera. To see her get excited as i got excited at ever shot she took. 

Here are a few photos i took of gia during our headshot session!  
God i love this girl =D 

of course this last one is by gia.. another favorite of mine =)  taken outside on our deck



Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skye Hardwick's Giveaway

 There are so many blogs that I follow to learn about photography and to improve my talent.   I wanted to share this one with you!!  A photog friend introduced me to this site by Skye Hardwick  and i have fallen in love!  She has soo much to offer!

well she is having an awesome give away and i wanted to share the news with you.  Head over to Skye Hardwicks Blog,, and check it out!  You could win her Posing guide, Her workbook, a 1/2hr consultation AND a gift certificate to Florabella Actions & Textures!  BUT you have to enter to win!!!   

ive got my eye on the posing guide.. something im needing strength in!


Monday, June 28, 2010

A whole latta pictures

Im so behind in posts im just going to put in all in one post!!   be prepared for a long one!!!

I cant believe i let this get so behind. I guess when you have 2 girls, a photography business growing and a house to keep up with, not much time for blogging!  Wait, a house to keep up with??. hmm, i dont do much of that!LOL  well, things happen and blogging just get put on the back burner....

Any way!!  i found a way for me to share my photos and not have to upload every single one. just bunched them together =D  gosh! im so smart..LOL  something im playing with in LR3.

Im going to start with this... Remember the contest i had in may? (if not, click here to refresh your memory) Here is one of the winners i got to photograph. Mr. B & his mommy!!    Just too darn cute =D 

Next is my first couples session!!  Crazy thing is, Ive known this girl since she was a baby.. I can not believe how grown up she is! where is the time going!  Dont they make the cutest couple?!   =D  Thank you so much for coming out guys! had soo much fun!

Still offering session with the moms group i belong to and here are a few of them =) 
Ms. F & brother L. adorable! 

A returning client. Ms.O and her mommy!

Then we had a private session at the beach & daddy was included!

Meet Mr. R & his twin brothers! The most active kids ive ever met but we sure did have fun! (and a work out! lol)

Another cute boy, Mr. A =D

Now during one of these sessions this dog & her mommy came riding by and i couldnt resist taking a picture . Her name is Adorabelle & certainly is Adorable!
Adorabelle & her mommy are a part of United Against Puppy Mills, follow her on youtube as she rides for her friends... Dont SHOP... ADAPT!!!

Another private session at the beach with Mr. E! 

And his sisters, Ms.K & Ms. V, tagged along too! Can I just tell you that it was the most beautiful day ever!  I actually had my girls with me during this session and when we were done, it turned into a great playdate..Kids, mom and i had an awesome time =D 

This was my 2nd maternity session. So happy Mommy C let me take photo of her for practice, even though baby N due in a week at that time!

Baby N entered the world a week after his due date! Mommy and baby are doing great! Can not wait to take pictures of this little guy! Well, thats if mommy will let me.. LOL

Now for my 3rd maternity session =)  with Big sister! You would never know that she was extremely shy with me. took me a little to find a way to get her to laugh & smile but i did. The tickle monster saved the day!!


Now ive been going to the same parks for sessions and was in need of a change. In search online of other parks to photograph in, i came across this garden. One day I packed up my girls and took a trip out there. Loved it!! I thought i found a place that no one knew about but turns out everyone knows about this  Still, a very beautiful park and id like to go again w/o my camera which i think will be impossible!

So that brings us up to date. Well, kinda.. up to date on sessions but i have a whole latta other stuff to share!! Hope all is well with every one =)
xoxo CB