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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Can you help a girl out?!?!! - Contest

There is alot to catch up on and alot of photos i want to share, but life just got in the way! I have taken alot of pictures and playing around with LR3 presets (free trail till the end of june). Im really liking it and cant wait to purchase it when it finally comes out. Look at these photos......

In my eyes they were so good i had to put "blossoming shutterbug" on them.. lol 

I realize that i havent put myself out there, you know, market myself....  Yes im scared and have been pushing it off but i do have one thing in place. I found a site to use to upload my photos and the clients can view. I can password protect the photos so only the clients can view. Clients can purchase the photos through this site. AND i can actually make up my own packages and Clients can purchase..  ive only put one package together..LOL Its still under construction. 
I need to do more and get my @ss moving already!!!   One of the things i need to do is get a web address.  The obvious name would be Christina Barsoum Photography BUT I love this blog and how i came up with the name, blossoming shutterbug, i would like to some how make that the web address. I realize that Blossoming Shutterbug Photography is very long, altho i love how it looks in these photos =)  I thought of BS photography but some one pointed out its like saying "bull sh!t photgraphy. UG!! I dont know what to do, how can i get this name to work into a web address?? Im at a stand still............

Ive seen other Photographers have contest on their sites for different things so I thought i would give it a try.   My very first Contest =O  

The person who comes up with the best web address will receive a free mini session by yours truely =D  1/2 hr session at a location of your choice, out of the photos i take you would receive 10. Also put on CD. 

Im looking for a web address name that is some what short using Blossoming Shutterbug Photography (ex: BSPhotography. com/org,  im not using but good exp.)  easy to remember. 
This will possibly be the name of my new blog also. You can view my website that ill be using remember this is still under construction and a lot more changes to be made so don't be passing it out just yet =P 

Sooo whatta ya say!?!!?  Can you help a girl out!?!?!
(write your idea in the comment section)

Ill announce the winner on Monday March 29th.


  1. You could try Since there is already a photo sharing site shutterfly, you might get some new people to hit your site since they are so similar. I wouldn't use .org since non profit type organizations use those. ,com or .net are probably your best bets.

  2. I like the name "". I think it's a perect name for your business. I don't think it's too long either. Many photographers have long names for their websites. Once you the word out there, people will find you.

  3. Hey Christina - It is very easy to get your own domain and you can do it and even park this blog right on there. I can help you if you can't find it in the google/blogspot dashboard... It is like $10 a year for your own name. very easy!!! is taken already.


    If you LOVE Blossoming Shutterbug dot com - I really don't see why you couldn't go with it..

    But.. here's an idea... what about either of these??

    Hope that helps out!!!!!

    PS. I don't need to win anything :) I still plan on eventually having you do pictures once we get Alex's chapped lip under control.

  4. How about (I'm not entering the contest, though. You'll already be taking pics of my new one this summer.)

  5. Hi Christine! Found your blog thru my friend Courtney G....that's her daughter in the pic on the beach with the flops :)
    I'd just do I don't think its too long. Its important for potential clients to remember your business name so I'd definitely do your site the same as your business :)
    Good luck!

  6. hi christina! we are also working now on a website for our company and trying to figure out a name for the domain. i looked around at a bunch of different photography websites and what i found is this-
    1.many websites are named after the photographer's name.
    2. most of the web sites have the word "photgraphy" attached at the end. this might be another way of getting people to your website while they are doing a search.
    3. most of the websites have the exact same name for the web address as the business name.
    these are just a few things for you to consider before you go "live".
    i am not a pro at this at all, so these are just thoughts that run in my head.
    maybe this is not the best name for a business? maybe having your name would work better? or i've seen a lot of businesses with the area where they are located as their name. it seems to me that it needs to be something that when someone does google search in your area, he will find you , easily.
    well, probably i wrote too much already but if you feel i'm in the right direction, i wouldn't mind sharing with you more of what i have on my mind.
    so, conclusion :)
    if you stay with the same name for your business i would go with
    if you decide to change the name you could do- (available) available) (not available)
    what else :)

    good luck! (we need to reschedule!!!)