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Im a SAHM to 2 beautiful girls! they are my LIFE! love being artsy and just recently got into photography =) This is a place to share my creative talent.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skye Hardwick's Giveaway

 There are so many blogs that I follow to learn about photography and to improve my talent.   I wanted to share this one with you!!  A photog friend introduced me to this site by Skye Hardwick  and i have fallen in love!  She has soo much to offer!

well she is having an awesome give away and i wanted to share the news with you.  Head over to Skye Hardwicks Blog,, and check it out!  You could win her Posing guide, Her workbook, a 1/2hr consultation AND a gift certificate to Florabella Actions & Textures!  BUT you have to enter to win!!!   

ive got my eye on the posing guide.. something im needing strength in!


Monday, June 28, 2010

A whole latta pictures

Im so behind in posts im just going to put in all in one post!!   be prepared for a long one!!!

I cant believe i let this get so behind. I guess when you have 2 girls, a photography business growing and a house to keep up with, not much time for blogging!  Wait, a house to keep up with??. hmm, i dont do much of that!LOL  well, things happen and blogging just get put on the back burner....

Any way!!  i found a way for me to share my photos and not have to upload every single one. just bunched them together =D  gosh! im so smart..LOL  something im playing with in LR3.

Im going to start with this... Remember the contest i had in may? (if not, click here to refresh your memory) Here is one of the winners i got to photograph. Mr. B & his mommy!!    Just too darn cute =D 

Next is my first couples session!!  Crazy thing is, Ive known this girl since she was a baby.. I can not believe how grown up she is! where is the time going!  Dont they make the cutest couple?!   =D  Thank you so much for coming out guys! had soo much fun!

Still offering session with the moms group i belong to and here are a few of them =) 
Ms. F & brother L. adorable! 

A returning client. Ms.O and her mommy!

Then we had a private session at the beach & daddy was included!

Meet Mr. R & his twin brothers! The most active kids ive ever met but we sure did have fun! (and a work out! lol)

Another cute boy, Mr. A =D

Now during one of these sessions this dog & her mommy came riding by and i couldnt resist taking a picture . Her name is Adorabelle & certainly is Adorable!
Adorabelle & her mommy are a part of United Against Puppy Mills, follow her on youtube as she rides for her friends... Dont SHOP... ADAPT!!!

Another private session at the beach with Mr. E! 

And his sisters, Ms.K & Ms. V, tagged along too! Can I just tell you that it was the most beautiful day ever!  I actually had my girls with me during this session and when we were done, it turned into a great playdate..Kids, mom and i had an awesome time =D 

This was my 2nd maternity session. So happy Mommy C let me take photo of her for practice, even though baby N due in a week at that time!

Baby N entered the world a week after his due date! Mommy and baby are doing great! Can not wait to take pictures of this little guy! Well, thats if mommy will let me.. LOL

Now for my 3rd maternity session =)  with Big sister! You would never know that she was extremely shy with me. took me a little to find a way to get her to laugh & smile but i did. The tickle monster saved the day!!


Now ive been going to the same parks for sessions and was in need of a change. In search online of other parks to photograph in, i came across this garden. One day I packed up my girls and took a trip out there. Loved it!! I thought i found a place that no one knew about but turns out everyone knows about this  Still, a very beautiful park and id like to go again w/o my camera which i think will be impossible!

So that brings us up to date. Well, kinda.. up to date on sessions but i have a whole latta other stuff to share!! Hope all is well with every one =)
xoxo CB