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Im a SAHM to 2 beautiful girls! they are my LIFE! love being artsy and just recently got into photography =) This is a place to share my creative talent.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Before & After photos

I have to admit i do edit more then i should. But when i look at a photo and say... If my hand just wasnt there..Or If they were just over a little more. i cant help myself and either remove the hand or move the person over. Here are some examples

I was holding my daughters hand to keep it still. Then i removed my hand from the photo

A friend of mine emailed me asking if i would be able to remove the 2 women in the background. She LOVED the photo but would rather not have the women there. So i gave it a try.

From a photo session i had. LOVED the look on her face. but you can see part of her mom. so i removed her.

This one is where i said, if she was just over a little bit it would look cool. was challenging with all the shadows. didnt come out so bad huh?

Again saying.. this would be so cool if i didnt have all the toys all over the place.LOL

Another friend sent this picture to me. All she wanted was that little piece of hair out of his face. It was hard but managed to do it.

All of this was done with cloning! i would clone different sections of the picture. This way your not repeating the same design over and over. if that makes sense. For me.. when i take different sections it makes it look a little more realistic. Yes this is time consuming But i love the finished product.

My BFF (HI jenn!!!) pointed out that this may be another path for me. something to look into =)

Maybe i can be one of those photo fix it person.............

Introducing the Cover Girl light Scoop.....

I decided to host a Portrait playdate with the moms group. Thought i would give this a try and maybe this could be something i can do from home. Its been hard to find a babysitter and its difficult to watch my girls AND take pictures at the same time.

I took some pictures of my daughter (and the dog too) just to test it out.

Thought they came out good so i set up the playdate. What a disaster!! first it was crappy out! The pictures above i used natural light but on this day.. i had no natural light =( I even had the lights on hoping that would help but didnt. Im not sure what happen with the kids but no one really wanted to have their pics taken. LOL Not even my own daughter.. =P Well there was one little one who was willing.

Most of these pictures came out dark so i adjusted the lighting in a program. And thats all i did.. i didnt even bother to umph it up! i just let the moms know if they wanted one umphed let me know and i would send it to them.

Had a cute set up in The TV room. My background are bed sheets =P with fake pumpkins that i got from the dollar store. Im just so upset about the lighting

OMG how cute is this little one!!! just wish the light was better.

She wasnt too happy.....

until her mommy held her. Im better at the candid shots

This boy had NO interest at all!!!! this was all i could get..LOL but MAN look at those eyes!

tried out the flash and look at that shadow! hate it!

I had posted my photos on FB and a friend from HS sent me a link and says to check it out. Might help with the flash issue. Did suggest getting an external flash

so i read up on it.. and then do a little research on line. Finding home made light diffusers. hmph! I wanted to see how this work. First one i found was just by using a tissue paper.. that was interesting just made the shadows a little bit lighter. another was to wrap a paper around the flash making it look like a sail. That worked well.. you didnt get too much of the shadow.

Now looking at the photo of this light scoop and wonder.. how can I make this at home.

Im running around the house looking for something.... for what?! i dont know but something with a mirror.. a small mirror. What do i find?? a make up case thingy (ya not much of a make up person here) And what do i do with this???.. LMAO i taped it on my camera.. ahahha.

Introducing the Cover Girl light scoop

It worked.. Look at these photos.................

the first photo you can see my reflection in puter... see how the flash hits my face!! almost blinded me. LOL have to work on that one. =P the one of my dog and the portrait set up was done at night time and it was very dark in these room. HOW COOL!!!
this one below is too funny. You can see my reflection in the sliding glass door. Look at the ceiling..LOL See how the mirror makes the flash bounce up.....

Ok so i had too much fun with this thing!! But now i know what i can do if its cloudy out! just whip out my Cover Girl light scoop =P

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Birthday Party

When i first got my camera and offered sessions with the moms group. I had one ask if i would take photos at her sons birthday party. This was such a great idea.. this way she could enjoy her sons birthday and not worry about taking photos. I was so happy to do this for her and also very nervous since i had just started. BUT we had a month or more before the big event, so gave me time to practice.

I am absolutely shocked how well i did. I mean, i barley had to edit. Usually have to crop, brighten, darken, and straighten some photos. This is before I give some umph to them!! BUT this time, honestly, only fixed 5 to 10 photos. Thats out of 500 that i took (well i took 700+ and i get rid of the yucky, half eye closed, really blurry ones).

so i guess im making some progress =D

Happy Birthday Braydon! i had a great time!!

Baby photos

Im so excited to share these photos. My first infant session. I was so excited to hear my step sister was coming over to let me practice taking photos of Ms. Olive!!

Here is Ms. Olive almost 2 months old. Welcome to the world little one!!!

This is my favorite! the one with hand resting on Olive. LOVE IT

Even though i think these photos came out good i could have done so much more! I have these visions of how i want to place the baby, what angle i want to try, setting up a backround ect. I was soooo excited!!! Yet when they showed up, it all left me and i basically just snappend away. Except for when mom put her hand on Olive i did jump and asked to do that again! LOL I dont know why i just dont speek up like i did at that moment. Alot of times i find myself thinking "if they jsut moved this way.. that would be a good shot" But it never comes out of my mouth!

Something else to put on my list to work on!

Im still here

Yes! im still here.. been very busy with the girls, photos & moms group!

Had a private session a few weeks ago. this little one was such a ham!!! I think SHE made the pictures look good =P

I think she is saying "when is this lady gonna stop!! ahhh what a bore!"
Love this one tho!!!

These were possible xmas photos. I cant wait to see the card her moms sends out!

Done with my Seeeesters photos. Here is a bunch that i really like!

See.. i didnt forget about my sister =D Got them done!! Now to get her to come over and pick the ones She REALLY likes.......