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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Are you afraid of RAW?

Can you believe im blogging again!! Wow, must be a full moon or something!  and you would think I would share my past photo sessions!  dont worry, im working on it =D  

so to answer the question..YES I was afraid of RAW. Im not talking raw food.. im talking taking pictures!!! (Not sure what RAW is? click here to find out. )  I didnt know much about it and for a while i was putting my camera on raw/jpg!.  honestly I have no idea what was the purpose of that. it always came up as jpeg.

So, I happen to be a fan/like of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom on Facebook and every day they have some type of tip. One day i see this "Do you know what the advantages of shooting in raw or JPEG are when adjusting white balance?"  I sure wanted to know so  i quickly click on it and watche their video! After seeing this video i had to start shooting in RAW.   i have yet to try with a client but plenty of practice with my girls! 

Below is a picture of my daughter.. we are in the beginnings of potty training and this picture is her getting ready to flush! (yes we had some success!!) Notice the color of the picture. I really did forget to change my WB  and when i noticed that i forgot, i was so excited cause that meant i could try out the tips!! LOL

here is the photo fixed =D I love it..

but wait.. Ill give an example of one in JPEG that again i forgot to change my WB. i think I had my WB on fluorescent and forgot to change back when i took this pic.  Sorry i dont have the before pic but you can see it doesn't look right. (at least i hope you can see it) Even after editing it as best i could, its still has a blueish tinge to it.  BUT if i had it on RAW i prob would have been able to make it look perfect!

Ive been noticing a lot of differences with editing RAW images. not only the WB but other things too. (ill have to show you that another time tho!) 

So from now on.. im a RAW kinda girl =D  I cant wait to give it a try during one of my sessions and after!


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